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13th December  2016    JAMES WALKER FRPS Judged Images & prints in the Monochrome Competition,

Heavy Going_resized Waiting for sunrise_MemberNo70

Mono Print Competition:


1st  -   Maggie Jary  (Heavy Going image)

2nd  - Colin Smurthwaite

3rd  -  Colin Smurthwaite



Mono Projected Image Competition:


1st  - Chris Jary (Waiting for sunrise image)

2nd - Maggie Jary

3rd - Alex Aitchison


10th January 2017                 SHOW & TELL

Members were treated to a wide ranging selection of images in the second "Show and Tell" evening.


Presentations were given by

Alan Brown, Pamela Wright,

Maggie Jary, John Tully,

Maurice MacNeely and Martin Mears

20170110-ShowTell.-mears 20170125-Laurie-Campbell

Taking Stock

was the title of the talk given by guest speaker 

Laurie Campbell


Laurie, who is native to Berwick is one of Scotland's leading natural history and landscape photographers.

 At a very well attended meeting we were treated to some of the 120,000 images from this extensive collection.


He works almost exclusively in Scotland and  the images screened included  Cairngorm Reindeer, Badgers, Golden Eagles and closer to hand a suburb series of pictures of Otters.

The latter appeared in his recently published book, “Return to the River”

24th January 2017



1 Maurice McNally       2 Alan Brown        3 John Tully



1 Alan Brown              2 Maggie Jary         3 Michael Barron



1 Michael Barron        2 Colin Smuthtwaite 3 John Tully



1 Bob Craig                2  Maggie Jary           3 John Tully



1 Maggie Jary            2 Colin Smurthwaite  3 Robin Simpson



1 Michael Barron      2 Robin Simpson        3 Bob Craig


Judged by Andy Bennetts              The results were

31st January 2017


Economics PhD Sebastião Salgado only took up photography in his 30s, but the discipline became an obsession.

His years-long projects beautifully capture the human side of a global story



The 7th of February was scheduled as an evening shoot, 'weather permitting.'


The weather did not permit  so away from the rain in the comfort of the clubhouse members were treated to some suberb and thought provoking images as the work of Sebastião Salgadowas screened.


Tuesday 14th February.


'A Northumberland event'


The Judge was  Bill Hume


The winner was Maggie Jary with a set of images capturing the spirit of the Heavy Horse Festival at Etal.


Second was Colin Smurthwaite

and Third Michael Barron

20170214-Panel-Comp 20170228--Jane-Coltman

68 image were entered and the results were:



1) Sandra Thornton,   2) Bob Craig        3) Anne Watt



1) Ian Cartwright      2) Alex Aitcheson  3) Maggie Jary



1) Alex Aitcheson    2) Allan Rogers    3) Colin Smurthwaite



1) Anne Christie      2)  Bob Craig         3) Maggie Jary



1)Anne Christie        2) John Tully        3) Anne Christie



1)Anne Christie        2) Maggie Jary    3) Colin Smurthwaite

28th February 2017           The second projected image competition

The Competetion was judged by Jane Coltman


Superb colour images were transformed and hidden aspects revealed as Derek explained how he manipulated his images to  produce monochrome pictures that offered  so much more than the already impressive orignals.


He spoke about his approach to street photography, about preparing for ' the moment,   and talked us through just how the pictures were captured.

To see more of his pictures visit his website at

14th March  2017    BEST IMAGES SELECTED

In an entertaining evening Malcolm Kuz delivered a 'feel good' commentary when he judged the images put forward for the Best of 2016-2017 Competition.

He directed attention to what was best about the pictures presented before choosing the winning images.



The reslults were


Best Projected Image       Anne Christie

Best Print                          Maggie Jarry


Honorable mentions to Alex Aitcheson

and Michael Barron

7th March          An Evening with Derek Snee

At the Annual General Meeting Ian Cartwright was elected as the new Chairman and Annie Watt as Club Secretary.

The post of Treasurer is still vacant. (Volunteer needed)


The outgoing Chairman Daryn Ritchie outlined a few of the iterms planned for the next season.

They included:-

'A Fun Knockout event' in which each member can submit up to 3 prints, (no age limit.)

Points will not be awarded but there will be a small prize for the winner.


A theme based projected Image competition. The theme to be chosen each year at the AGM.

This year the theme will be "Time" and two images my be submitted by members. (Images will have a 3 year age limit.)


A film night will replace the Evening Shoot if the weather is unsuitable.


A change to projected image sizes to bring us into line with other clubs was agreed.

The new sizes are  Landscape format                              1400 X 1050 pixels

                              Portrait format    Maximum height                 1050 pixels

                              Square format                                     1050X1050 pixels  


Measures to secure the club's funding were considered with an increase in membership fees to £30  

and club raffles being agreed.




After a superb dinner at the Castle Hotel a happy gathering of members and their guests applauded this years winners.


The Competition Secretary

Colin Smurthwaite was on hand to ensure the cups went into the right hands. Vice Chairman Micheal Barron made the presentations to

Maggie Jarry

Overall Club Championship, Colour Print, Mono & Best Print Compertition

Alex Aitcheson,

Best Beginner

John Tully

Sunday Shoot

Ann Christie

Best Projected Image


Chris Jarry

Monochrome Competition

28th March 2017

21st March 2017