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Welcome to the

Berwick and District Camera Club.

We are a small but friendly club with members of all ages. The programme includes talks by talented photographers.

Advice given by judges in the print and digital image competitions can help you develop your skill.

Meetings are held in the Village Hall, East Ord on Tuesday  evenings at 7.30pm.

The season runs from September to March.

Fees: Adult: £25.00

 - Under 18: £10.00



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On Tuesday January 19th  eight members entered the 2nd  Print Competition

It was judged by Ian Fullerton


The results were;

Landscape 1) Alan Brown,       2) Colin Smurthwait,   3) Maggie Jary

Illustrative   1) Michael Barron, 2) Maggie Jary,          3) Martin Mears,

Portrait        1) Maggie Jary,     2) Michael Barron       3) Colin Smurthwait

General       1) Maggie Jary      2) Colin Smurthwaite  3) Anne Watt

Nature         1) Michael Barron  2) Sandra Thonton

Artistic         1) Michael Barron

On Tuesday 12th January Allan 'Buster' Brown gave a very interesting talk and slideshow on his antics in the antarctic.  


He served there with the Royal Marines aboard HMS Endurance in 1975.   During his talk he entertained us with amusing anecdotes of his experiences.  

The images he showed illustrated the contrast between the magnificent scenery and the harsh conditions endured by the marines.

During his time there he was also able to get up close to the many seals and penguins which provided some excellent photo opportunities.

Our first meeting in January was warmly received.


It transported the audience to the Antarctic !

Buster penguins Buster camra penguin

Second Print Competition

The guest speakers at the club on Tuesday the 26th of January were Jane Coltman and Laine Baker who are travelling companions and have had many worldwide trips together.  Instead of concentrating on just one country they gave us slideshows from Cuba, New York, Paris, Venice and India.  

Their photos gave a wonderful and colourful insight into the people and culture of those countries and cities.  They were shared images so both Jane and Laine entertained us with the narrative.  


This was just a small selection from their portfolios and they are also planning a trip to Burma so we shall look forward to inviting them back to the club for another presentation.

World travellers Jane and Laine.

February 2nd 2016            PANEL COMPETITION.


Street Photography was the theme for the Panel Competition and although there were colourful sets of pictures from many parts of the world it was images  capturing  street life at

Low Greenses here in Berwick that the Judge, James Walker FRPS  placed first.


The photographs were by Allan Rogers. Second Place went to Colin Smurthwaite and Third to John Tully.


Following the Competition James Walker gave an excellent presentation on the history of 'Street Photography' beginning with an image taken in Edinburgh in 1859 and followed by many of his own pictures.


20160209-Pinhole-Demo-BCC 20160209-Pinhole-Grp-WebA

Ferbruary 9th 2016  


Twenty members of the club were welcomed into 'The Gallery' in Bridge Street by the artist Mark Irving.

He has currently on display an exhibition of still life images created using pinhole phoptography.


Members enjoyed a fascinating and instructive evening as Mark explained the method he uses  to create pictures using photo-sensitive paper in a variety of specially constructed boxes.  


Each had accurately measured holes where a lens might have been and  the exposures involved could sometime be measured in hours


A spread of eight pictures featuring the work of beginners appeared in The Berwick Advertiser.

They resulted from a scheme in which club members were on hand to give advice to new photographers in the revamped Castle Vale Park and Coronation Park.


Derek Snee who is an Adobe certified expert on Photoshop 'Lightroom' demonstrated the software. He explained the great flexibility that is has in controlling areas within pictures, making fine adjustments in Black and White images and its ability to stitch together finished panoramas seamlessly with just one click.

Derek runs workshops that give 8 hours training (over 3 sessions) and is offering them at a reduced fee of £50 to our club members   For more information contact him on


February 16th 2016


1 Maggie Jary,

2 Alan Brown, 3 Allan Rogers.



1 Maggie Jary, 2 Maurice McKeely,

3 Alex Aitcheson.



1 Michael Barron, 2 Alan Brown,

Alex Aitcheson.



1 Ian Cartwright, 2 Maggie Jary

3 Anne Watt.



1 Michael Barron, 2 Michael Barron

3 John Tully



1 Michael Barron,2 Colin Smurthwaite, Maurice McKeely



The Second Projected Image Competition was judged by

Andy Bennetts  ...

Tuesday 23rd February 2016

   Sports Photography

   with George Ledger


Oh,  and animals too! ...

The club experienced a superb presentation from George Ledger, who after a career in the Police at Durham took up photography and became an expert sports photographer. We saw examples of his work from the fast action of football and rugby to the, for him, less appealing tedium of cricket.  In adition to the challenging sphere of sports, George, who is currently the Secretary of the Hexhan Camera Club screened images that ranged from nature photography to cage fighters. Particularly impressive was his use of mutiple flash units to capture a series of pictures of squirrels.


1st March 2016

20160308a-Buster 20160308a-maggies-pic 20160308--maggie 20160308a-Buster's-pic

Alan, 'Buster' Brown

was the winner in the  Projected Image section

Maggie Jary was the winner in the Print section

The 'Best over all' competition was judged by Malcolm Kuz


8th April 2016


Rain stopped play!


Bad weather prevented members from going out into the dark and photographing  light played on the town walls, so we kept the cameras dry and stayed snug inside the village hall at East Ord.



A couple of presentatioons were enjoyed by the 10 members who braved the rain and turned up .




JohnTully projected a variety of images including a few that showed the advantage of shooting raw files.





Allan Rogers screened an AV, which,  set to music explored the quiet roads of France

20160315-Alllan 20160315-wine


15th March 2016


The Annual Dinner and presentation of awards took place at The Cobbled Yard Hotel, in Walkergate  

BCC-Silver BCC--Happy-Tara-and-Jim BCC-Maggie-Jary BCC-Annie-Watt BCC-Allan-Rogers BCC-Alan-Brown

Happy Times!  Here are the cups'  The club's president James Walker FRPS made the presentations and Tara Barron collected most of them on behalf of her husband Michael Barron who won The Colour print, Projected Images, Mono, and overall Club Championship awards


The award for the Sunday Shoot , The Collingwood Rose Bowl went to Peter Carr.



and a special  present was given to Maggie Jary by Chairman Daryn Ritchie for work as the club secretary.

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29th March 2016