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Sunday 28th September





According to our secretary, Maggie Jary,


"There was more than enough material to fill the evening.  In the end we had some very interesting and varied slideshows from eight members.  


These were: Paul, Clive, Michael, Martin, Andrew, Pam, Maurice and myself.  (I hope I haven't forgotten anybody!).  Pam and Maurice are new members "

Tuesday 23rd September       Show & Tell Evening

We had a good turn out for the Sunday shoot on Holy Island on the 28th of September


There were two more members who are not on the group photo -  Maurice McNeely and Peter Carr.  The island was very busy with the annual Leukaemia and Lymphoma Forget Me Not Walk but perhaps this gave members an opportunity to get some different shots.  


The judging for these images will be on the 11th November by Colin Smurthwaite.


A most entertaining and informative speaker, Mark Davey  was welcomed back to the club to give a talk on lenses.


From Fish eye to Zoom he covered the lot and gave us a fascinating insight into his work on as a reporter and photograper on a  borders newspaper.

Tuesday the 14th of September

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Tuesday 21st September


The Ist Print Competition of the season was judged by Bill Hume from Kelso.


The results were


Landscape    1, Bob Craig                  2, Daryn Ritchie        3,Martin Mears

Artistic             1, Andrew Hardie         2, Ann Christie          3, Maggie Jary

Illustrative       1, Maggie Jary              2, Martin Mears

Portrait             1, Andrew Hardie        2, John Tully               3, Daryn Ritchie

Nature              1, Ann Christie             2, Andrew Hardie      3, Ann Christie

General            1, Bob Craig                 2, Martin Mears          3, John Tully

Tuesday 28th October  'Match an Image'  Competition

The 'Match an Image'  competition which was judged by Derek Smee turned into a really entertaining event as it reached its climax.

Some 40 pictures were put up by two teams of club members called the 'reds' and the 'winners'


As it turned out the Winners didn't win, they scored 50 points while the 'red'  tem were victorious with a total of 56.  It was certainly good practice for when the club does battlle in a 'Match an Image' competion against North Berwick Camera Club on February 10th...


Tuesday 4th November 2014


'Around the world in 60 minutes'

Members who braved the wet and stormy night  to enjoy the illustrated talk given  by Oliver Eade were rewarded by a  fascinating account of his many trips abroad.


He gave an insight into ' street photography' with  images that showed how to catch the moment, make use of backgrounds and in some cases successfully discard any idea of rules in composition

20141028KnockOut 20141111Sun1 20141111SkyMgt2

The Sunday Shoot

Tuesday    11th November 2014

A one man band provided a splash of colour in an otherwise gloomy day on Holy Island.


It was captured in this picture by John Tully which was placed  first by Colin Smurthwaie when he judged the Sunday Shoot competition.


The second and third place went to Daryn Ritchie while Peter Carr gained a 'Highly Commended'

Margaret 'Up above down under'

Sparkling bright sunshine leapt out at us from the screen when we viewed the inflight movie taken of Margaret Johnson. She made a sponsored freefall jump at Jurian Bay just north of Perth in Australia..

It was exciting to watch and interesting to see the cameras in action, one used by a photographer free falling close by and the other strapped to the wrist of her tandem partner.

Margaret  is raising money for a local charity, Berwick & District Friends of Dementia.


In  a 'Members' Evening' the subject was 'A year in the life of...'


Projected presentations were made by Maggie Jary, Ian Cartwright,

Allan Rogers, Martin Mears,

Paul Marshall and Derek Hood.


And prints by Michael Barron  were displayed.


Tuesday 18th November 2014


Tuesday 25th November 2014                    First Projected Image Competition

Jane Coltman with the pictures she  placed first in the various catagories


Landscape: 1, John Tully.        2, Peter Carr,         3, John Tully.        Artistic:   1, Anne Christie,   2, Peter Carr,      3, Alan Dunnet.

Illustrative:    1, Maggie Jary,    2, Allan Rogers,    3, John Tully.        Portrait:  1, Ian Cartwright,  2, Maggie Jary,    3, Allan Rogers.

Nature:          1, Anne Christie, 2, Ian Carrtwright, 3, ,Anne Christie, General: 1, Alan Dunnnet,  2, Maggie Jary,    3, Anne Christie

Jane Coltman of the Alnwick Camera Club judged the competition. A professional  photographer  for 30 years Jane works for the Northumberland Gazette and Morpeth Herald.

She spoke of the pleasure she had in viewing the 48 images submitted.

The results were;

201492LesMacLean 20141209Mono123


Tuesday 2nd December 2014

Guest speaker: Les McLean. ‘Light: Colour: Texture: Form’

Looking towards the light  was the message from

Lex MacLean when he displayed his high key pictures.


He spoke of his approach to the photographs taken on his many travels and presented abstract images that he had extracted from everyday objects.  He also ventured into photo journalism with a series of pictures taken following the conflict in Northern Ireland.

Tuesday 9th December                                                 Special Mono Competition

In judging the competition  Oliver Eade  gave first place to the picture of three girls from  Bali by Ian Cartwright. . Second to the boat by Anne Christie and third to  the bearded man  which was also taken by Anne Christie