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Landscape    That portion of land, sea or sky which can be comprehended in a single view.  A pictorial representation of the actual scene.  The only permitted use of combined multiple images would be in the furtherance of High Dynamic Range (HDR) imagery or in the stitching together of consecutive, overlapping images to create a panorama.

Illustrative    (Sometimes called ‘Photo Journalism’).  A picture providing an explanation of something happening, or people employed in an activity or in general movement.  The only permitted use of combined multiple images would be in the furtherance of HDR imagery.

Nature    Birds, animals, fish, insects, plants, flowers and geological specimens may be entered in this class but it is preferable that man-made objects do not appear.  Close-up photography may be used provided that the subject may be identified.  The only permitted use of combined multiple images would be in the furtherance of HDR imagery.

Portraiture    A picture of a person, or part of a person, especially the face.  A portrait should attempt to show something of the character and/or the mood of the subject.  The choice of lighting, background and mount should complement the subject.  The only permitted use of combined multiple images would be in the furtherance of HDR imagery.

General    Any category of image may be included and may be digitally manipulated, including the combination of multiple images, in any manner within the skills of the photographer.

Artistic    This category includes any artistic genre, including surreal, photo-collage, e.g. ‘joiners’, fine art, etc.  The final image may be achieved by any amount of digital manipulation.



Sunday Shoot    Members  take photographs at a pre-determined location (e.g. within the town walls of Berwick) for a fixed period of time, usually 2 hours, and submit up to 6 images in jpg format.  Submissions are made to the competition organisers immediately after the end of the shoot, directly from the camera;  no computer manipulation is permitted.  Points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd to go towards the Club Champion Competition.

Panel    (Three themed images).  A theme for the competition is agreed by the club committee and published to members at the AGM, or as near to that date as possible.  The 3 images must be clearly related to each other by context (the set theme) and probably also by methodology and artistic technique.  Prints, all A4 size and mounted, may be in portrait or landscape format or a mixture of the two and should be specified for judging as left, right and centre of the set of three.  The most successful entries will normally take this positioning into account and employ the acknowledged norms of good picture composition across the 3 picture elements, as in a triptych.  Points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd to go towards the Club Champion Competition.

Monochrome    This competition accommodates any category of image, not just landscape, and up to 3 entries as mounted prints or projected images are permitted per member.  Commonly the monochrome would be black and white but other versions (e.g. sepia) are permitted.  The only permitted use of combined multiple images would be in the furtherance of HDR imagery.  Points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd to go towards the Club Champion Competition.






Annual Progress Award    A trophy will be awarded to a Novice whom the committee decides has made the most progress throughout the season.  A Novice is a member with limited previous experience of photography and a maximum of 2 years membership.  

Annual Best Overall Print and Best Overall Projected Image (2 awards)

    Images which have, or have not, previously been entered for competitions in the current season may be submitted.  Images from one section may not be used in the other nor may images submitted for previous Annual Awards be entered.  A maximum of 2 entries may be submitted for each of the 2 awards.

    N.B. Points will not be given for entries or winners of these annual awards.



Competition entries must be the original and entire work of the competitor and should be no more than three years old at the start of the club season.  Trade processed prints can be submitted.


In each of the 4 Print and Projected Image Competitions up to 5 entries can be submitted, with a maximum of 2 in any of the 6 classes  (Landscape, Illustrative, Portraiture, Nature, General and Artistic) in each competition.


Projected images and prints may only be shown once in any of the 2 Print Competitions and the 2 Projected Image Competitions but may be used again in ‘Special’ or ‘Away’ Competitions.


All prints must be mounted.  The longest edge of the print itself must be at least 7 inches (18cm) and the longest edge of the mount must not exceed 22 inches (56cm).  Entries to the Panel Competition must be A4 size prints and mounted.


Once the prints have been entered they will be laid out for the judge to view and members are asked not to approach the judge until the competition is over.


All prints and projected images must bear the class entered, title and competitor’s membership number (membership numbers will be issued on enrolment).


Digital projected images must be submitted at least two weeks before the competition date.  They should be brought to the Club on a named USB Flash Drive or disc, where they will be downloaded on to the laptop. It is very important that all images can be identified by class, title and membership number. When using USB Flash Drives please ensure that your anti-virus software is up-to-date.  The Club cannot take any responsibility for viruses.


Projected digital images must be in the following size and format:

must be sized to 1400 x 1050 pixels maximum for landscape format

must be sized to 1050 pixels maximum height for portrait format

1050 x 1050 for square format

must be in JPG format


ONE POINT will be awarded per entry plus FOUR POINTS for first place, THREE POINTS for second place and TWO POINTS for third place in each class.


Trophies will be awarded to:

members having the highest numbers of points in the PRINT and PROJECTED IMAGE categories

winners of the SUNDAY SHOOT, PANEL and MONOCHROME Competitions

the Club Champion – the person gaining the highest total of points from the various competitions

winner of the Progress Award

winners of the Annual Best Overall Print and Best Overall Projected Image Awards (2 awards)

        11.    A fee of £2 will be charged per entrant, per competition night.

September 2017




More information.


Each club should submit twelve images for projection.  Ten images will be used for the competition, the remaining two will only be used in the event of a tie.

No member may submit more than two images within their club's entry to the competition.  Each submission must be entirely the original work of the entrant and should not be more than three years old.

The committee of the Berwick and District Camera Club will select its members entries to be submitted.

Image details:

Size - image files must be prepared in jpeg format with pixel dimensions of 1400 horizontal maximum and 1050 vertical maximum.

Resolution - 72 dpi

Colour space - sRGB

Quality - Images should be saved at the highest quality i.e. 12

Titles - Image file names must be the same as the image titles listed on the entry form

Closing date for submission to the Berwick & District Camera Club is 7th January.  Entries should be on a memory stick, CD or e-mailed to Dave Sanderson.

The public showing of the images is 23 March at the Lecture Hall, Hawick High School, Hawick.

There will be a charge of £5 for each person attending the challenge on the night, which will include supper served after the event.

The judge will discuss each image and score out of 20.

Trophies are to be held for one year.  It is the responsibility of recipients to have trophies suitably engraved.

The Reiver Trophy will be awarded to the club achieving the highest number of points.  The Morton Plate will be awarded to the image considered by the judge to be the best in the competition.


go to the top menu bar


Select Image


Scroll down to Resize


Move to the right and

highlight Image Size


This brings uo a box in which the pixel dimensiuons are displayed

Change Width to 1400


(which is the size we use for images projected in our competitions)


Click OK


From the top menu bar

select file

and go down to  Save As


and in the box that appears


Select the folder that you want to store the resized image in.


Tick the box 'As Copy' and

click Save


In the Jpeg options  that appear


click on baseline optimised


and the click OK and it's done

How to resize images in Photoshop