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Ian Cartwright's 'Beneath an Eastern Sea'


On Tuesday the 20th  there was a change of programme to accommodate Ian Cartwright's need to be in the USA in December.

Ian gave an illustrated talk on underwater photography in Indonesia.


The colours of the fish and other sea creatures were unbelievably bright and Ian's very interesting commentary and anecdotes made he evening pass very quickly.



Ian Cartwright

We had our marching orders and clutching a sheet of clues members of the Berwick Camera Club spent a busy hour searching the Berwick Walls. 


The bright sunny Sunday morning was  perfect for the treasure hunt event.

After attempting to find and photograph over thirty items a further hour was spent on the annual

Sunday Shoot Competition


Berwick invaded

by treasure hunters

Sunday 2nd October 2016


Sunday 9th October 2016


Learning Zones


At a well attended meeting members received expert help as they moved from group to group. Aspects of photography likely to help with club work were covered.

Providing instruction were :-

John Tully, Resizing Images,

Bob Craig, Lenses,

Maggie Jary, Image resolution,

Michael Barron, Compositon

Clive Mcguinnes, Tripods

and Alan Brown on

Photoshop Elements

Photography through a microscope,

still life and high speed action, (catching a bursting balloon,)  

were all part of the intriguing action when the Berwick and District Camera Club set up some practical learning zones


Tuesday 11th October 2016     Table Top Photography

The First Print Compitition of the 2016-17 season was judged by John Thompson.



The results were;-




GENERAL       1 Maggie Jary,

                        2 Michael Baron

                        3  Allan Brown


PORTRAIT       1 Maggie Jary,

                         2 John Tully

                         3 Colin Smurthwaite



                          2 Colin Smurtwaite

                          3 Alan Brown


LANDSCAPE    1 Colin Smurthwaite,

                         2 Bob Craig

                         3 Colin Smurthwaite


NATURE           1 Maggie Jary,

                         2 Martin Mears

                         3 Colin Smurthwaite


ARTISTIC         1 Maggie Jary,

                          2 Michael Barron

                         3 Alan Brown


Tuesday 18th October 2016


At a well attended meeting members were treated to an excellent presentation from Malcolm Kuz entitled "Ooop North"

Tuesday 25th October 2016

20161101-Christabell-BishopWEB 20161101-James-WEB-Portrait


Portraiture was the name of the game and members enjoyed an excellent evening.

They brought their cameras along and made use of the electronic studio equipment provided by Bob Craig and Clive McGuinness.


At the other end of the room the lighting was low key and John Tully ventured to the dark side to capture an image of our president, James Walker

Christine Bishop from Chirnside was a perfectly poised and capable model and Chris Jary was one of the members who  found her a delight to photograph.

Tuesday, 1st November 2016

20161108-SShoot1 20161108-SShoot-3 20161108-SShoot-2

The Sunday Shoot Competition,

in which members had about an hour to take pictures in Berwick and  deliver them unedited by computer, was judged by Ian Cartwright.

John Tully took first and third place,

Maggie Jary came second.


Images by Alex Aitcheson and Michael Barron were highly commended

Treasure Hunt


The Sunday Shoot was preceeded by a treasure hunt and the locations on a lengthy list of clues were identified and snapped up.

The winners were

1, Michael Barron,

2, DarynRitchie,

3, Sandra Thornton

Images from the other side of the world and from Northumberland were screened in an exchange programme

Twenty pictures from The Berwick View Finders near Melbourne in Australia and twenty from the  Berwick and District Camera Club were viewed. The judges were Adrian Smith SSAPS in Australia and Ian Cartwright FRPS here in the UK.

The results were:    Total Score.   Berwick Australia = 500         Berwick UK = 485

While it was recognised that Berwick Australia have very good photographers some members were disappointed in the lack of locally shot pictures. They would like to have seen a submission that featured more of the town and environment .

Tuesday 15th November 2016               Berwick - Australia  Exchange of Images

Tuesday, 8th November 2016


in Travel Features




Allan Rogers  gave an illustrated presentation covering  work  in radio, newspapers and online travel magazine pages.

Part two



22nd November 2016

1st Projected Image Competition 2016 - 17

The results were:


1, John Tully, 2, Colin Smurthwaite,

3, Martin Mears



1 Alex Aitcheson, 2,Maggie Jary,

3 Alan Brown



1 John Tully, 2, & 3, Anne Christie



1 Alan Brown, 2 Pamela Wright,

3, Alex Aitchheson



1 & 2 Maggie Jary, 3, Martin Mears,

Commended .Anne Christie



1 Colin Smurthwaite, 2, John Tully, 3,Bob Craig

The first projected image competition was judged by James Walker FRPS.

Tuesday 6th December 2016


Colour in Photography


Michael Barron ARPS


An enthusiastic audience enjoyed  an illuminating and colourful presentation by Michael Barron


JAMES WALKER FRPS Judged Images & prints in the Monochrome Competition,

Heavy Going_resized Waiting for sunrise_MemberNo70

Mono Image


Mono Print Competition:


1st  -   Maggie Jary  (Heavy Going image)

2nd  - Colin Smurthwaite

3rd  -  Colin Smurthwaite



Mono Projected Image Competition:


1st  - Chris Jary (Waiting for sunrise image)

2nd - Maggie Jary

3rd - Alex Aitchison

Mono Print

Tuesday 13th December 2016