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This is original photo deliberate taken with flat overcast day just for autumn colour og staghorn tree. trying to do some under lay in Affinity photo. Resultes are  first one finnished with blending mode as Linear light and the next one as Pin light.

Open photo, Click on layers and in drop down colours , then Erase white paper.

Next Just below the word layers beside TYPE is a colour box click on box then click on gradient.

Pick your colours.

In top right corner of photo is your points. Click on and drag out and position as required. You can change colours and style og gradient anytime,

Once happy try one of the blending modes and pick one if required.

Image by Allan Brown


Linear light

Pin Light.

does this mask the background or just add colours to the existing background image? i dont do any photoshop manipulation so i dont know anything about it, thanks,

The background sky is on a different layer from the foreground. Meaning you can alter each one separately as required.

ive never done that, would be useful.