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Welcome to the

Berwick and District Camera Club.


We are a small but friendly club with members of all ages. The programme includes talks by talented photographers.

Advice given by judges in the print and digital image competitions can help you develop your skills.

Meetings are held in the Village Hall, East Ord on Tuesday  evenings at 7.30pm.

The season runs from September to March.

Fees: Adult: £30.00

 - Under 18: £10.00



The revised version has a change to image sizes.


Projected digital images must be in the following

size and format:

They must be sized to

1400 x 1050 pixels maximum for landscape format  and

must be sized to

1050 pixels maximum height for portrait format  and

1050 x 1050 for square format

They must be on JPG files





48255     (21/12/17)


47986     (12/12/17)


47789    (7/12/17)


47743    (6/12/17)


49541     (25/1/18)


49998      (6/02/18)


50309     (13/02/18)


50586     (20/02/18)


50876     (27/02/18)


51162      (6/03/18)


51448      (13/03/18)


55495       (3/07/18)


55724       (11/07/18)


56527       (8/08/18)


57384       (4/09/18)


58090       (25/09/18)


58337        (2/10/18)


58619       (10/10/18)


58884         (17/10/18)



This  webpage  is supported by the "image rich"


Worldrover Travel Magazine


The Panel Competition has been moved to 6th March, so please do not bring your panel images this Tuesday, but bring them instead on Tuesday 20th February.

And - can those of you who have been taking images of the Parks please stay for a short meeting at the end of the evening.


The  next meeting is at the Ord Village Hall on  

23rd October


Guest speaker

John Race

'Angels with dirty faces'


Extra images for

Themed Competition 'Holes'

will be  accepted



It was a 'Club Night' and members added five images each to a pile which was divided. Votes were cast as the photographs were displayed two at a time and the loosing ones discarded. The process was repeated until all but one had been knocked out.

The winning picture  was by Colin Smurthwaite and the runners up were Michael Barron  and Barbara Bogacka

On the 9th of October the club considered  the distinctions awarded by the Royal Photographic Society;  namely Licentiate and Associate. Michael Barron and Maggie Jary, both Associate members of the RPS, and Barbara Bogacka, who is a Licentiate member, will talked about the processes involved, and presented the images they used.


The club secretary received this message from Sandra Briggs

< >


I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I just wondered if any of your camera club members may be interested.

My daughter was left a large camera by a friend, which she has to sell as she has insufficient space for it.

The body of the camera is SINAR ref 39562 Swiss made.

The camera large format says DBP West Germany 2121498.

LINHOF 9x2 4x5 with Polaroid back.

It has 2 Lens which are Schneider-Kreuznach. Both made in Germany.

Lens 1 Super Angulon 5’9 multicoating ref 14409389 (approx 55 in die).

Lens 2 RPO - Symmar 5.6/150 multicoating.

It comes in two large metal cases.

If anybody was interested in purchasing it I am attaching some photographs.  

My daughter would want a very reasonable offer as it was a very expensive camera.

kind regards

Sandra Briggs


It is suggested if anyone is interested, they contact this Sandra Briggs direct.


Linhof Camera

First Print Competition 2018-19

The competition was judged by

Allan Semple who has had a long association with the club.


He was chairman some thirty years ago  backin the days when meetings were held in the old Community Centre


Over sixty prints were entered  and the results were :



1st A. Brown,

2nd A Aitcheson,  

3rd C Jary.



1st B Bogacka,

2nd M Jary,

3rd A Watt.



1st  M Jary,

2nd C  Jary,

3rd C Smurthwaite



1st R Simpson,

2nd C. Smurthwaite,

3rd M Barron



1st J Conlan,

2nd B Bogacka,

3rd P Wright



1st A Watt,

2nd R Simpson,

3rd B Bogacka



The Members' Night

13th November


This evening will provide a chance for members to show images in greater detail than in the regular Show and Tell slideshow.


it was suggested at the AGM as being an opportunity for people to discuss any projects or photographic styles they were interested in.


Digital images please.