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Alan Brown

Welcome to the

Berwick and District Camera Club.

We are a small but friendly club with members of all ages. The programme includes talks by talented photographers.

Advice given by judges in the print and digital image competitions can help you develop your skill.

Meetings are held in the Village Hall, East Ord on Tuesday  evenings at 7.30pm.

The season runs from September to March.

Fees: Adult: £25.00

 - Under 18: £10.00



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20151105 elements course

If you are looking for help in learning Photoshop Elements  the illustrated step by step guide by Rick Peterson is well worth considering.  Click on the link or page below to connect and dip into the navigation bar on the left hand side

Learning Photoshop can be elementary!



Regional Repair Centre - repairs all makes of camera


Whilst they can repair any make of camera, their USP is that they can repair all types of Sony camera regardless of age and are the only independent agent in the UK authorised to repair Sony Alpha products.  They normally charge a £30 inspection fee (that is deducted from the cost of the repair if you choose to go ahead), however they have said that they could provide a unique discount code to quote when calling them to have this fee waived.  Consequently, if your have any favourite pieces of Sony kit lying around that they would like fixed or serviced then they can post them and get a quote for free.


Their phone number is 0121 789 9991

A recommendation for


Regional Repair Centre



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Win a Nikon in The Telegraph's Big Picture Photography Competition


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Since  April 3rd 2013 ...


The View from Here


Landscape Photography

from the

National Galleries of Scotland


29th October 2016 − 30th April 2017

Scottish National Portrait Gallery| Admission free


Exploring the theme of landscape through photographs from the 1840s to the present day, this exhibition brings together a selection of prints that transport the viewer around the world.


From views of Niagara Falls to the Egyptian Pyramids many of the world’s greatest locations have been recorded by the camera. Drawn entirely from the permanent collection of photographs at the National Galleries of Scotland, this exhibition will explore the various processes used by photographers over the centuries to document locations far and wide.




Aerial view of Edinburgh                                                Alfred G Buckham

A happy Christmas & a great New Year



Mono Print Competition:



1st  -   Maggie Jary  (Heavy Going image)

2nd  - Colin Smurthwaite

3rd  -  Colin Smurthwaite



Mono Projected Image Competition:



1st  - Chris Jary (Waiting for sunrise image)

2nd - Maggie Jary

3rd - Alex Aitchison



I think John might also be sending you the project image, but I thought that as I have it here I might as well send it.  Daryn gave a reminder that our first week back in the New Year, 10th January, is Part 2 of our Show and Tell night.  Members can either bring a slideshow or prints/projected images to show.  Also in the New Year we will be asking for suggestions for a venue for our Annual Dinner. ...


Tuesday 24th January.




Guest Speaker

Laurie Campbell

(Natural History Photographer)




Members night only


10th January 2017




Members were treated to a wide ranging selection of images in the second "Show and Tell" evening.


Presentations were given by

Alan Brown, Pamela Wright,

Maggie Jary, John Tully,

Maurice MacNeely and Martin Mears

20170110-ShowTell.-mears 20170117043

On Tuesday 17th January images were selected for the 'Borders Digital Challenge Competition'.


Initially fifty five pictures  were screened by John Tully and Alan Brown. After the first round of voting this

was reduced to twenty-one. A selection of the 12 images to be entered was made by the members.


The event will be held in Heart of Hawick Complex  on Sunday 26 March, 2 - 5 pm.

Entry is free and open to everyone.


For more information about the 6 different competition catagories visit


Please be prompt or even a little early if your are coming to the next meeting, particularly if you are bringing your entries for the

second print competition.  We don't want to delay the start of Laurie Campbell's presentation