An evening of unique images

Date Published 
Wed 25 Sep 2019

Our first visiting speaker of the season was local photographer Andy Gray who gave us a fascinating insight into his journey from taking 'standard' landscape photographs to developing advanced ICM and Multiple Exposure skills to creat abstract and painterly images that reinterpret the scenes around him in a unique and original way.

Andy also offers workshops and individual tuition as well as producing his own YouTube channel and hosting his Tuesday Night Edits where he live-streams himself editing and processing his images. His website can be found at 

and his YouTube channel is


This was a good way to start our season with a local photographer challenging us to think differently about how we use our cameras. Andy proved you do not have to travel far to make wonderful images.

Submitted by chris-jary on Wed 25 Sep 2019 4:08pm

i quite agree, something for everyone to try out, even if it's not your cup of tea