News 2019-2020

Over the Christmas break ...
Posted on Tue 15 Dec 2020

It was suggested that we might continue our zoom meetings on a Tuesday night over the Christmas break and a few of us met up tonight. We decided to set ourselves a series of photographic challenges to keep us busy making images over the next few weeks. Our first one is fairly simple - take a...

Monochrome Competition Results
Posted on Tue 1 Dec 2020

Our Monochrome competition this year was judged by George Ledger. His constructive and insightful comments made for an entertaining and enlightening evening and the final results can be viewed in our Results gallery

Up n under
Posted on Thu 12 Nov 2020

Thanks to Neil and Andy we had a great evening on Tuesday.We were able to view a good selection of their images. Both photographers illustrated both the frustration and the rewards of their chosen genre. It was good to get the story behind images and to be able to understand some of the ...

Film Night - the Genius of Photography
Posted on Wed 9 Sep 2020

After last week's AGM our 20-21 season got underway properly last night, starting with a showing of the episode from the 2007 BBC series 'The genius of Photography'. This was another meeting conducted over Zoom so naturally we had a few technical hiccups with some people experience some...

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Our first Zoom meeting
Posted on Tue 16 Jun 2020

The club held a trial meeting using Zoom, partly just so we could all meet up again after what feels like ages and partly to test whether or not we could move some of our activities online should we not abe able to resume our usual meetings in September. 12  members managed to navigate the...

This season's competition results
Posted on Mon 23 Mar 2020

We may have had to cancel our last few meetings but at least we were able to complete all the competitions.

And the winners were...

Colour Print Competition                                    ...

Special announcement.
Posted on Mon 16 Mar 2020

I hope everyone has received Annies email explaining that we have closed our season early due to the pandemic. This was a difficult decision but in light of the deteriorating situation I am sure it is the safest thing to do. Hopefully as things settle down we shall be able to start again in...

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Best Overall Images - Prints and Digital
Posted on Wed 11 Mar 2020

This week saw our keenly contested "Best Overall Image" contest for Prints and Projected Images. The winners were Jeanette Conlan for her print "Hydrangea" and Barbara Bogacka for her digital image "In a glacial cave".

2nd DPI results
Posted on Wed 26 Feb 2020

We had some excellent entries for our second Projected Images competition, judged this year by Patrick Sheard.

Landscape: 1st Neil Forster; 2nd Chris Jary; 3rd John Tully

Artistic: 1st Anne Christie; 2nd Jeanette Conlan; 3rd Allan Brown

Illustrative: 1st Michael Barron; 2nd...

Still life and much more
Posted on Wed 19 Feb 2020

Our last speaker for this season was Duncan Wherret who gave us a fascinating evening showing a huge variety of images and demonstrating some of the large format film cameras that he uses to create his unique images. While some effects can be recreated digitally, many can only be achieved using...

Panel of Three competition
Posted on Wed 12 Feb 2020

We had some excellent entries for our Panel of Three competition on the theme of 'Light and Dark'. It was judged by Jane Coltman and the winners were:

1st - Maggie Jary

2nd - Barbara Bogacka

3rd - Michael Barron

Show and tell
Posted on Sat 8 Feb 2020

Last Tuesday we had a members night when we were able to look at some of the work members had been doing. Six people showed their work. In spite of minor glitches with the IT we had an enjoyable stimulating evening.

Next week is the Panel competition. Entries for the second digital...

2nd Print Competition
Posted on Thu 30 Jan 2020

Mike Allport was our judge for the second print competition and he gave some useful and constructive feedback on all of the photographs entered. The results were:


1st Paul Anderson 2nd Barabara Bogacka 3rd Annie Watt


1st Maggie Jary 2nd Jeanette Conlan...

Shooting for the stars
Posted on Thu 23 Jan 2020

We had a fascinating talk on Astrophotography from Ford Renton this week. He talked us through some of the technical issues involved in getting good images of the heavens such as calculating the maximum exposure time to gather as much light as possible but to avoid getting star trails using the...

Learning Zones night
Posted on Tue 14 Jan 2020

This weeks meeting gave us all a chance to learn something new. Three of our in-house 'experts' ran a series of short workshops covering the basics of Photoshop, Lightroom, & Affinity. We also had a fine selection of photo books to browse through.

Happy New Year
Posted on Thu 9 Jan 2020

Our first meeting of the year was a members night. It was an opportunity for members to bring along some images and get feedback. We had a lively session with a wide range of all types of images. It was good to see what people are doing and especially when they are trying new things. The evening...

Monochrome competition results
Posted on Sat 14 Dec 2019

Our Monochrome competition this yearwas judged by Derek Snee who gave every image a carefully considered and helpful critique, including the importance of giving photo an appropriate title that helps the viewer interpret image. The winners were:

Print:  1st Chris Jary (Girl in light...

Who knew what you could do with sea water?
Posted on Wed 4 Dec 2019

Our visiting speaker this week was world-renowned local photographer Paul Kenny. It was fascinating to hear how he creates his amazing images, often with the help of sea water dried on glass plates. We were also privileged to get a world-premier of his new short film, and a chance to see some of...

Our first projected image competition
Posted on Thu 28 Nov 2019

This week saw the judging of our first digital projected image competition and it was keenly contested! Keith Suddaby, our judge for the evening,  had great advice for everyone who entered. We will all be checking out the photoshop 'feeling button' for our future entries I am sure! Here are...

Projects to inspire your photography
Posted on Tue 19 Nov 2019

On Tuesday we hosted Carol Palmer who showed prints from her wide ranging travel portfolio. She has travelled in USA, Africa and Europe as well as to more local destinations. Carol often works on projects and has some wonderful images. I particularly liked her images of the...

Sunday Shoot competition results
Posted on Wed 6 Nov 2019

The club decided on the winners of the Sunday Shoot competition last night. 35 images were shown and scored by the members. Thanks to Maggie and Annie for totting up the scores over the coffee break. The worthy winners were:

3rd place - Chris Jary

2nd place - Andrew Green


Theme Night
Posted on Wed 30 Oct 2019

This year's theme night was left wide open with the topic being "A subject of your choice". Not surprisingly we had a very varied set of paired photographs to enjoy. Lots of members contributed images and there was a lively discussion about the merits of each! Here a just a few of the...

Geoff Williams
Posted on Wed 23 Oct 2019

Last night we had a fascinating talk from Geoff Williams. Geoff is interested in how we see and interpret images. He reminded us of the importance of changing your viewpoint, remembering to look up, down and behind you as this may give a more interesting image. We were able to see how he...

First Print Competition
Posted on Wed 16 Oct 2019

The first Print Competition of the season was keenly contested and our judge, Geoffrey Bradford, had clearly debated long and hard about the results. He gave us some very informative feedback about each and every photograph and supplied a printed copy of his comments which is attached here for...

Constructive Critique
Posted on Tue 8 Oct 2019

Basia Bogacka gave us a lot to think about with an interesting presentation on how we can analyse a photograph and hopefully suggest ways in which it might be improved. She shared some examples from her own experience before we all went on to try and put it into practice, commenting on some of...

We're in the news!
Posted on Thu 3 Oct 2019

Berwick Advertiser this weeks carries a short article about the club and Andy Gray's presentation to us.

Edinburgh Festival
Posted on Wed 2 Oct 2019

Five photographers showed their images from the festival. They explained why and how they took the shot. The audience then made comments leading to a lively discussion. The evening was a good example of how we can learn from one another. The images ranged from stunning mono through more...

Sunday Shoot
Posted on Sun 29 Sep 2019

Eight brave members ignored the BBC forecast and spent the morning walking around Etal searching for inspiration. It is always a surprise when photographers visit the same location but all end up seeing different things. Once again John worked his magic with the laptop and we all downloaded our...

An evening of unique images
Posted on Wed 25 Sep 2019

Our first visiting speaker of the season was local photographer Andy Gray who gave us a fascinating insight into his journey from taking 'standard' landscape photographs to developing advanced ICM and Multiple Exposure skills to creat abstract and painterly images that reinterpret the scenes...

An instructional evening
Posted on Wed 11 Sep 2019

The second meeting of the new season was packed with information. First Maggie Jary took us through the changes to competition rules that have been introduced this year. The main ones were that the maximum permitted entries in any competition has been reduced from 5 to 4 (we were sometimes...

Camera Club is back!
Posted on Tue 3 Sep 2019

The opening evening of our new season saw us welcoming some new faces, and finding out just how little we knew about photography in our 'get to know you' quiz. We also got to see the new display stands that our talented Chairman had made over the summer, put to good use to show off some...

Street Photography in Edinburgh
Posted on Tue 6 Aug 2019

This months Summer Evening Shoot was during the day rather than the evening. Five of us went to Edinburgh for a day of street photography during the festival. And amazingly it didn't rain!