An instructional evening

Date Published 
Wed 11 Sep 2019

The second meeting of the new season was packed with information. First Maggie Jary took us through the changes to competition rules that have been introduced this year. The main ones were that the maximum permitted entries in any competition has been reduced from 5 to 4 (we were sometimes getting too many entries for the judges to manage) and whereas in the past each photograph entered gave you a point in the club champion competition, now you just get 1 point for having taken part in the competition.

Next we had a brief tour of the new website features. Any member wishing to be set up with an account should email me on and I will arrange it.

Finally we had a very interesting talk by Michael Barron on presenting images for competition. Who knew that a coloured mount could make such a difference (and not in a good way!)? It was fascinating to see how the size of the border changed the image's impact. We also had a brief demonstration of how to cut a mat. If anyone wants to acquire the handy tool that Michael was demonstrating they are available from Amazon (other suppliers are available)