News 2020-2021

Shooting Water
Posted on Fri 17 Dec 2021

For our last meeting before the Christmas break we were treated to a masterclass on photographing water by Bill Ward. And then we got a bonus showing of some of his recent more experimental work too.

Next proper meeting will be 11th January, but don't forget we also have our trip to...

Still life
Posted on Wed 10 Nov 2021

On tuesday we had an evening of practical sessions which seemed to work well for those that could attend. Unfortunately we could think of no way to include  zoom but next week zoom will be back.

We had 4 tables set up to show some simple and not so simple still life techniques. This...

AGM and a parade of winning photos
Posted on Wed 7 Apr 2021

Our 2020-21 season wrapped up this week with our AGM during which we agreed some changes to competitions for next year. We will be having fewer external judges and spending more time discussing the images ourselves. And we ended the evening with a short presentation of the winning photographs...

Our final competition of the season - 'Bestist'!
Posted on Fri 12 Mar 2021

We had a total of 35 entries for our 'Bestist' competition  - 20 colour and 15 monochrome. Normally the competition would be for Best Print and Best Projected Image but with only online activity this year we havent been able to do prints so it was divided between Colour and Mono instead....

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Workshop Evening
Posted on Tue 2 Mar 2021

Something different this week when we split into smaller groups for a series of online workshops. We had a variety of topics including using Affinity to create collages; processing images using Camera Raw; using external lights (avialable to borrow from the club; and creating a photobook. You...

Our final projected image competition of the season
Posted on Wed 24 Feb 2021

Last night our judge, Keith Collins, gave us the verdict on our final projected image competition (we still have our 'Bestist' competition to decide the ultimate mono and colour shots of the year to come). Keith has an impressive photographic resume and his comments on each photograph were...

An evening of rubbish photos
Posted on Wed 17 Feb 2021

This week we were treated to an evening of photographs by Mike Caithness all taken in the one location and featuring the fascinating abstracts to be found in rust and flaky paint. You can see more of his work at

"In the Balance"
Posted on Thu 11 Feb 2021

Jane Coltman was kind enough to judge our panel of three competition again and this year the theme was In the Balance. We had 10 entries altogether and all of them found very different ways of illustrating the topic. Congratulations to Jeanette Conlan who came first with her three pictures...

Hold the front page
Posted on Wed 3 Feb 2021

Dave Banks gave us a fascinating insight into the world of journalism. After a lifetime of rubbing shoulders with the likes of Rupert Murdoch and deciding what images would be published in some of the biggest newspapers, Dave gave us some insights into what would make a photo attractive to a...

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3rd Projected Image competition
Posted on Wed 27 Jan 2021

Many thanks to Lynda Golightly, our judge for the 3rd Projected Image contest. She had encouraging and insightful feedback for all the entries. Have a look in our results gallery for all the winning shots

Fisherwomen (and more)
Posted on Wed 20 Jan 2021

Our first visiting speaker of 2021 was Craig Easton who gave us a fascinating evening presenting his long-term project on the fisherwomen of the east coast, telling the story of the herring industry and the women who work in it. This also included some beautiful landscape photography. We also...

The New Year opens with a Quiz
Posted on Thu 7 Jan 2021

Many thanks to Emma for devising the Quiz that marked our first meeting in 2021. It was certainly an entertaining start to the year even if I was ashamed to find that I couldn't remember what ISO stood for! Next week we are back to actual photographs when we will be sharing some photographs that...

Theme night - Shadows and Light
Posted on Thu 10 Dec 2020

Our last meeting of 2020 featured our 'Two on a Theme' challenge where members were asked to submit two images with a common theme. This year the theme was Shadows and Light. We had a strong selection to view and there was a lively debate on how some of them might have been treated or cropped...

A talk by Berwick Visual Arts Artist in Residence
Posted on Tue 24 Nov 2020

After a few technical hitches, we were treated to a fascinating talk by Joan Coates, the current artist in residence for Berwick Visual Arts. Joanne's project explores gender in agriculture but she also shared images from her previous projects. See more of her work at


2nd Projected Image competition results
Posted on Tue 17 Nov 2020

There were some strong entries for our second Projected Image competition and our judge for the evening, Patrick Sheard, provided plenty of helpful feedback. You can view the winning entries in the Results Gallery

Landscapes with a difference
Posted on Thu 29 Oct 2020

We were treated to an evening of very different landscapes by our visiting speaker, Mark Reeves. Many of them were created using ICM (intentional camera movement) and Mark was kind enough to share some hints and tips about his techniques. We finished with a thought-provoking AV presentation on...

First projected image competition results
Posted on Tue 20 Oct 2020

The club welcomed Harry Hall as our first external judge to decide the outcome of the first Projected Image competition. All the winning entries can be seen in our Results Gallery but the winners were:

Landscape - 1st Neil Forster; 2nd Neil Forster; 3rd Paul Anderson

Illustrative -...

An Inspiring Evening
Posted on Tue 6 Oct 2020

This meeting was given over to everybody sharing a photograph that had inspired them and we had a very varied collection. In fact it inspired so much discussion that we ran out of time and will have to repeat the excercise so that we are able to give everybody a chance to share the kind of...

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An evening of Distinctions
Posted on Tue 29 Sep 2020

Four members shared their experiences of applying for (and gaining) an RPS Distinction. Jeanette told us about how she put together her LRPS panel while Maggie and Basia spoke about their ARPS journey. Finally Michael brought us up to date on his quest for the elusive FRPS. Plenty of helpful...

Marvelous Macro
Posted on Tue 22 Sep 2020

Andrew Green treated us to an amazing selection of Macro photographs, giving us a glimpse into the hidden worlds all around us as well as showing some helpful tips on equipment and technique

Show and Tell - member's images
Posted on Wed 16 Sep 2020

This weeks meeting included photos from 7 members on topics that included a tour of some of the lesser known parts of Berwick; the life cycle of a frog; 'a year in the kitchen'; a trip to newcastle to see the Knife Angel sculpture; views of Niagra Falls and getting up close with bears; salmon...