Fisherwomen (and more)

Date Published 
Wed 20 Jan 2021

Our first visiting speaker of 2021 was Craig Easton who gave us a fascinating evening presenting his long-term project on the fisherwomen of the east coast, telling the story of the herring industry and the women who work in it. This also included some beautiful landscape photography. We also got a glimpse at some of his other projects and some insights into working with a large 10x8 camera. Craig's work can be seen on his website -


Most enjoyable night.

A great evening with Craig. He has a wide range of work on his website. He mentioned sixbysix the collaborative he is part of in Merseyside. This is a link to their facebook page where a number of videos of talks are available. A good way to spend an hour!

Submitted by chris-jary on Wed 20 Jan 2021 12:28pm

A very interesting speaker and some really good images, I did like his camera!

I really enjoyed Craig's talk and like his approach to his projects.