Our first Zoom meeting

Date Published 
Tue 16 Jun 2020

The club held a trial meeting using Zoom, partly just so we could all meet up again after what feels like ages and partly to test whether or not we could move some of our activities online should we not abe able to resume our usual meetings in September. 12  members managed to navigate the technology and we had fun sharing a few pictures as well. We will hold another Zoom meeting before September - date to be arranged.

If you were one of the members who attended, let us know how it worked for you in the comments below.


Hi All - I think it went very well and it has the possibility of handling much of the club's business. I think we should stay with it and build it up as and when necessary. All the best, Derek Hood.

Submitted by derek-hood on Tue 16 Jun 2020 9:04pm

Sorry I was not in attendance as I never received a invite with the code. Last email I received the 5th or 6th stated that email will be sent out next day. 

I too did not receive the email with the link but realised in time and asked for it to be forwarded.  I thought it was a good and useful exercise and definitely something to be built upon.  It was good to connect again with familiar faces

I am sorry if some people did not receive the invite. This highlights an issue for us that we will try and sort out before the next meeting.

It was good to see people again and I think we showed that zoom provided a platform we could use in the future. Please send us any thoughts that may guide us as we plan for the future.

Submitted by chris-jary on Tue 16 Jun 2020 10:42pm

I'm really sorry if people did not receive the email invitation. Annie sent me the list of addresses which I copied and pasted rather than typed in manually. I didn't get any messages bounced back so I thought all was well. It is possible that my email got put into people's spam filter since you are used to getting them from Annie rather than me, although that can't explain why Buster didn't get it since he has received previous emails (and Pamela come to think of it). Before we try this again I will send a test message and make sure that I have the correct addresses in the distribution list.

and I can post the details on the website but making it visible only to members

Hi all, thanks to those involved in organising the meeting last night and it was great to see all your friendly faces.  Some technical issues were anticipated which is why we had this trial run.  Fortunately the problems are easily remedied.  I enjoyed it and hope we can encourage more members to join us as this is likely to be the way we will be meeting for some time to come.  There will be challenges but also potential for so much more.  It was good to be able to share images and I think it works well for them to be put into a PowerPoint presentation beforehand by Paul. More work for Paul of course but at least I don't have to show my inability to share images on Zoom!

Well done to the committee! I think it was vital to put something together to combat Covid restrictions ,which I believe will be with us for several months yet.

Hi All, I enjoyed the meeting very much and I look forward to the next one.  It certainly opens some options for meetings and talks in case we cannot meet in person later on.

Hi all, it was great to see that we can still connect during this difficult time.  The only issue for me was that as soon as we switched to Paul showing the images, I lost all of the participants faces to blacked out screens.  Could hear everyone but could only see myself (:o  Wasn't able to find a solution at my end so maybe Paul has some ideas and will see what happens next time.

Hello, It was good to see everyone, it would have been even better face to face, but I felt the Zoom meeting worked well, I think this is a good alternative in these very strange times!