GUEST SPEAKERS Jane Coltman & Laine Baker. 'OUT & ABOUT'

Date Published 
Tue 20 Nov 2018

n an evening packed with excellent pictures, Laine Baker and Jane Coltman, well known as the Berwick Advertiser Photographer,  treated the club to images from, Morroco, Dubhi, London and else where. Intriguing customs were observed, architecture was stunning, graffiti had impact and Street Photography was 'spot on'.


Photography on mobile phones came in for approval with mention of new attachments that included wide angle lenses and some excellent results were shown.


The evening ended with some short movie clips.

They included a large litter of captivating sheepdog puppies and an encounter with a large rubber duck floating on the flooded causeway to Holy Island. It belonged to a happy young French couple who wanted to take him there. There was much laughter.