Members Night

Date Published 
Tue 13 Nov 2018

At a well attended meeting members  presented a variety of stimulating projects.    Allan Rogers displayed a short animation in which chicks avoided being cooked. Annie Watt spoke of the difficulties encountered when  trying to capture good iimaged at a gymkhana.  Michael Baron  explained the images that he had extracted from photographs taken when capturing the work of the Spanish architect Santiago Calarava.

Alan Brown demonstrated devices that enabled him to paint with light and showed the results that could be obtained when processed in the computer. Paul Anderson called his collection of excellent  images  'The Black Dog'  and spoke of the part photography played in his recovery from depression.  Alec Aitcheson showed what can be achieved with long exposures. His pictures were of the coast around Eyemouth.   Chris Jary focussed our  attention on Borders and the reasons for having them. There are 26  crossing points  between England and Scotland  and he visited all of them.