Date Published 
Tue 22 Jan 2019

It  proved to be a very popular evening and there  was not a  chair to spare for  the talk given by Les McLean .


Photography that captured the essence of humanity with images that ranged from lovers in a clinch to children caught up in Northern Ireland's 'troubles',  all featured in Les's work.

His landscapes ranged from Northumberland trees traced in the snow of winter to intricate patterns in the rocks and sands of Americas Death Valley.

Harking back to the days before photography became  digital he explained how he made mulitple exposures to create an image.


During the 90’s Les gave up a  boring accountancy job to concentrate on fine art photography and writing. During the years that followed he concentrated  on the art side of photography rather than the commercial market. He has never regretted it and has written articles for numerous photographic magazines